Shopping Mall Management Advisory

Bricks and Clicks has a skillful team for leasing negotiations and ease documentation.

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Retail Leasing & Merchandising Advisory

Bricks and Clicks has a skillful team for leasing negotiations and ease documentation.

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Marketing & Promotional Strategy

Bricks and Clicks, will ensure that the shopping Mall is well rounded throughout the year with proactive…

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Retail Development & Turnaround Solutions

If any of the elements become dysfunctional over a period of time, the profitability of the retailers starts depleting…

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Market Research & Development

These attributes help the ownership understand the complexities which could impact the dynamics of the shopping center development.

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Strategic Planning & Concept Design for new developments

For new developments – Bricks and Clicks, prides in assisting clients from the design inception stage…

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All-in-One Solution
for Your Shopping Mall

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day, going forward.


  • Best in Abu Dhabi 2010 -2014
  • Over 400 kiosks
  • Increased / Generated Revenue: By 45%.
  • 24/7 Support with Live Cha


About Us

We’ve earned the trust and respect for one simple reason — we bring passion, pride, and experience together. Our strength is our global network of largely professional and knowledgeable individuals who, through their hard work, passion, fidelity, and perceptiveness, continuously drive the shopping industry forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bricks and Clicks is a complete mall management and retail advisory company that works within the integrated fabric of the shopping mall industry by providing exceptional high quality standards and services in the overall development of the shopping malls, mixed use developments through meticulous leasing , marketing, accounting and diligent mall operations, with the sole purpose of creating experiential, mall and tourist destination in an ever-changing retail and shopping landscape.

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  • Real Estate Development

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